Acuitas: noun, insight, perception, sharpness.


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Technology Focus

  • Development of LNP carriers for protein expression therapeutics (mRNA or plasmid delivery)
  • Design of LNP carriers that access non-liver targets
    • Carriers that access tissues/organs via fenestrated capillaries (e.g. bone marrow, lymph nodes, spleen, tumors, sites of infection, etc.)
    • Carriers capable of receptor-mediated entry into target cells

Intellectual Property

Acuitas has broad rights to LNP technology for development of protein expression therapeutics. This includes both internal Acuitas technology and third party intellectual property.

Partnership Goals

  • Preferred opportunity for partnerships in protein expression therapeutics
  • Acuitas supports:
    • Preclinical pharmocodynamic, pharmacokinetic and tolerability screening to select Lead Products
    • Analytical, biophysical and preclinical characterization of Lead Products
    • Transition from preclinical to clinical development
    • Protection of Lead Products through new and existing IP rights

We have a strong track record of successfully working with partners to advance collaborative projects and programs and are highly regarded around the world for our expertise and accomplishments.

Acuitas nanoparticles provide efficient cellular delivery of molecular therapeutics

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