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Being Informed Is Important

There is a great deal of misinformation about COVID-19 vaccines that is being distributed, shared and discussed – especially on social media networks. It is crucial that as many people as possible get vaccinated so that the world can get a handle on this devastating and deadly virus.

One of the questions that we are often asked at Acuitas Therapeutics is how to respond to family, friends or colleagues who believe the misinformation, mistruths or even the far-fetched coronavirus conspiracy theories.

We came across an interesting article in USA Today about this topic.

The USA Today article also links to a COVID-19 Communications Handbook. This was developed by a group of health care professionals and it provides more detailed information on how to effectively communicate about COVID-19.

This is a useful resource, especially if you are in a role such as an educator, health care worker or in public service, where you are required to speak with large groups of people. It is also valuable for those of us who may have had conversations or social media discussions with friends, family or colleagues who may be misinformed about how the virus may be transmitted, how serious of an illness it is, or around the importance, safety and efficacy of vaccines.

We have pulled several key points from the USA Today article, the Communications Handbook and our knowledge regarding COVID-19 vaccines that you may find useful.

Myth: The COVID-19 vaccine can give you COVID-19.

Fact: None of the vaccines that have been approved for use contain any live virus. We would also like to add that the mRNA vaccines do not contain any inactive or attenuated virus either. There is absolutely no evidence that getting a COVID-19 vaccine can give you the virus.

Myth: We can’t know that the COVID-19 vaccine is safe if it has only been around for a few months.

Fact: While COVID-19 vaccine development was accelerated in order to address the global pandemic, it is important to know that vaccine testing was still required to proceed through a rigorous series of steps to establish the safety and efficacy of the vaccine. Before any regulatory authority provides authorization for the use of a vaccine, data is required to show its safety and efficacy. You can learn more about the review/approval process for vaccines use here.

Myth: mRNA vaccines change the human genome.

Fact: There is no evidence to support this unsubstantiated and dangerous myth. mRNA vaccines deliver instructions that allow your body to make a protective response. Forbes has a good article on this here.

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