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Chris Sweeney

Christopher Sweeney Named Executive Director, Intellectual Property

Acuitas Therapeutics, Inc.’s Chief Legal Officer & Vice President of Business Development, Miranda Lam, KC, recently announced that Christopher Sweeney has joined Acuitas Therapeutics (USA), Inc. as Executive Director of Intellectual Property (IP).

In this senior role, Mr. Sweeney oversees the IP program, focusing on aligning Acuitas’ global IP strategy with its business objectives and supporting its robust internal research and development (R&D) program. Acuitas Therapeutics (USA) is a subsidiary of the Vancouver-based company Acuitas Therapeutics, Inc.

“We are fortunate to have an IP leader like Chris join the team,” said Ms. Lam. “He brings an immense amount of experience working with large, multinational and growing biotech companies with diverse international IP portfolios. He has more than two decades of experience as a U.S. patent attorney – and his supportive, engaging and collaborative approach aligns with how we work at Acuitas. We are thrilled that he has joined the team.”

Mr. Sweeney has an exceptional background in organic chemistry, biochemistry and patent law. He holds a Bachelor of Science in Biochemistry (Gonzaga University), a Master of Science in Chemistry (University of Oregon), and a Juris Doctor with Intellectual Property Concentration (University of Washington). Prior to joining Acuitas, he was Executive Director of IP at Pfizer, Inc. (formerly SEAGEN, Inc.) and before that, he was an equity partner with IP law firm Knobbe Martens Olsen & Bear, LLP. Mr. Sweeney brings vital expertise in developing and executing IP strategies in collaboration with leaders in business development, strategic alliance management and R&D.

When not busy overseeing the growing Acuitas IP portfolio, Mr. Sweeney enjoys spending time with his husband, daughter and son, and their two dogs.

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