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Acuitas Vaccine Blog Post 1

The Importance of Vaccines

There is a lot of discussion right now about vaccines, much of it because of the global pandemic and the crucial need for a vaccine for COVID-19. As a result of the spotlight on vaccines, there is also, unfortunately, a great deal of misinformation that is being shared, especially on social media platforms.

At Acuitas Therapeutics, we believe it is important that people have access to the facts – scientifically proven, validated facts. That’s why on this blog, we will publish a series of posts focused on the topic of vaccines. We will share links to scientific papers, helpful resources, fact-based news articles and segments, and other content that we hope you will find of value.

For our first blog post, we will keep it simple and explain what a vaccine is. According to ImmunizeBC (a provincial government organization in British Columbia): “Vaccines are products that protect people against many diseases that can be very dangerous and even deadly. Different than most medicines that treat or cure diseases, vaccines prevent you from getting sick with the disease in the first place.”

ImmunizeBC has good information on its site. It is a solid resource regarding vaccines. You can learn more here.

In our next blog post, we will share a brief history of vaccines and what they have contributed to society as a whole. We’ll talk about how many serious diseases have been eradicated by vaccines and what that means to our communities.

Our goal with this vaccine-focused blog series is to provide fact-based information so that people can make educated decisions when it comes time to get a vaccine. There are lots of opinions and misinformation out there that aren’t based in science, and that is harmful if people believe what is being said. The team at Acuitas Therapeutics feels strongly that those who work in this area have a responsibility to share scientifically-validated information and our knowledge so that those who truly want to make the right decision have all the facts.

Vaccines save lives. That is a fact.

If you have questions about vaccines, please email us at: We will address them in this blog series.

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