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Why I Work at Acuitas – Science & Social Fun

The third blog post in our series: “Why I Work at Acuitas” features Research Scientist, Reihaneh Hosseinzadeh. We recently caught up with Ms. Hosseinzadeh and she told us why she chose to work at Acuitas Therapeutics.

From as far back as she can remember, Ms. Hosseinzadeh, who grew up in Iran, says that she had always had an interest in biology and health care. Prior to deciding on her university studies, she considered a career as a doctor of pharmacy. However, her education path took her in a bit of a different direction – she earned her bachelor’s degree in Polymer Engineering in Shiraz, Iran. In 2016, she came to Canada to continue her education, achieving a Master of Applied Science in Mechanical Engineering at the University of Victoria on Vancouver Island.  

After completing her education, Ms. Hosseinzadeh made the decision to stay in British Columbia and was employed with a biotech company as a research associate. She then earned a promotion to senior research associate. She joined Acuitas Therapeutics in August 2021 as a research scientist. In this role, she gets to bring the best of all worlds to her work – from the skills and knowledge she gained through earning her degrees to her life-long learning in the areas of biology and health care.

Ms. Hosseinzadeh said that working at Acuitas has not only allowed her to contribute her skills and experience to advancing vaccines and therapeutics, but it also opened up a whole social experience. She explained: “I don’t have immediate family here in Vancouver, and the Acuitas team is so caring and inclusive that feels like a family. Acuitas holds a lot of social events where we get to spend time with each other out of the office and lab – and that really builds a strong connection.” She added: “It’s an authentic culture here at Acuitas. We truly care about one another and go out of our way to assist and support each other – and that’s something special.”

Ms. Hosseinzadeh also explained that one of the reasons why she wanted to work at Acuitas – and is so happy in her position – is that she likes to be busy, to get things done, and to achieve her goals. She is proficient in formulation development, characterization, method and process optimization, and scale-up – and all of that comes into play at Acuitas. “It’s fast-paced and can be busy, and I enjoy it.” She added that she believes that Acuitas attracts people who are self-motivated, can work independently and as a part of a team, and who pride themselves on generating results.” She said laughingly: “There is a lot of energy in our offices and in our labs. It keeps us all moving forward!”

Along with challenging, demanding and rewarding work, Ms. Hosseinzadeh said that a big part of her professional happiness comes from the fact that the company culture is a priority for everyone at Acuitas. “We are often asked what we think about a program or policy. Our opinions matter and our ideas are taken seriously. We are invited to be a part of maintaining a positive culture – and that’s something that everyone who works here takes seriously. We know that we have a responsibility and an opportunity to contribute to Acuitas being a great place to work – and we get involved!”

Asked what she thinks someone who might want to work at Acuitas Therapeutics should know, Ms. Hosseinzadeh laughed: “Be prepared to work hard, to have a lot of fun, and to become a part of the Acuitas family!”

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